Find out how the teacher plans to keep your child motivated

There are many ways in which a good teacher could help keep the child motivated. The language the teacher uses is especially important and when interviewing a prospective teacher, you should find out if he or she knows the power of using encouraging words.


Like the rest of us, a child will be greatly motivated by being complimented with words such as ‘great work” when he or she shows signs of making progress. The child will also be greatly motivated when the teacher offers to play the guitar for her or when the teacher can organize a guitar-playing session with other students.


Background checks
Regardless of the competence level of the teacher you intend to hire, your child’s safety should be paramount. Since teacher and student will be spending plenty of time together, you must make sure that you are not endangering your child’s life by putting her in direct contact with a pedophile. If there are online reviews available about the services offered by the teacher, make sure you read them as they’ll help you get an idea of what to expect from the teacher.

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