What discourages people from taking guitar lessons

We all know that we need to go to medical school if we plan to become a doctor. We also know that the great tennis and basketball players we know enjoy the services of top-notch managers without whom their great talents would probably have never been fully exploited.


When it comes to learning the guitar however, there seems to be a discussion on whether someone really needs to take lessons. After all, we hear, there are plenty of self-taught pros who, allegedly, never needed the help of teachers. Is this really true? What makes people take guitar lessons for granted?


The self-taught myth
Stories of self-taught guitarists and self-made millionaires are quite a sensation with the media and as a beginner guitarist it is easy to want to join this group. Granted, there are people with natural talent and who can achieve much without too much help. The truth however, is that nobody is really self-taught. The person in question might never have attended guitar school but he or she was influenced by people who played the guitar. Even if such person never came into direct contact with a maestro, watching what the great predecessors did is equivalent to taking lessons.


While a person with natural talent will achieve much, he or she will achieve much more and in a shorter time by taking lessons and benefiting from the experience of people who have already traveled this road.


Fear of getting embarrassed
Some people desire to learn how to play the guitar but, having not the slightest idea how to go about this, are scared by the very thought of displaying their ignorance to a stranger. While this fear can be understood, it is really unfounded – in all areas of human endeavor, we have to start somewhere and if you got a good teacher, he or she will understand your fears and will patiently take you through the ropes without making you look silly.


Good guitar teachers are hard to find and they also charge a substantial amount of money and the cost of guitar lessons can become discouraging. Today however, the cost of learning is increasingly falling as it is possible to take online lessons with a dedicated teacher. Moreover, the internet has increased the level of resources available so that what you pay today is much less than it would have been two decades ago.


To wade through the complex world of guitar playing, professional help is necessary and you should never be ashamed of seeking the help of a seasoned teacher.

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