What to Look for in a guitar teacher for your child

Your child has shown interest in playing the guitar and as a loving parent you know that you need to hire a teacher. When the child’s interest and talent are nurtured early, his or her potential will be fully exploited and it helps to provide teaching as early as possible. In choosing a teacher for your child, what qualities should you look for?


Assess the teaching skills, not just the technical ability
Some of the teachers you’ll find when looking for somebody to teach your child will be highly technical people who are very adept at guitar playing. While great technical ability is important, it does not mean that the person with great technical skills is necessarily a good teacher. To help you go round this potential problem, find out who the teacher has taught in the past – successful teachers will be proud to show tell you whom they have taught in the past.


Is the teacher able to motivate your child?
The child who wants to learn how to play the guitar will be very excited at the beginning but this interest could turn to disillusion if the child lands in the hands of teacher who does not know how to keep the child motivated. Unless the teacher can create the correct mental attitude, the difficulties the child experiences when he or she starts learning could turn into frustration and the kid will lose interest.

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