Find out how the teacher plans to keep your child motivated

There are many ways in which a good teacher could help keep the child motivated. The language the teacher uses is especially important and when interviewing a prospective teacher, you should find out if he or she knows the power of using encouraging words.


Like the rest of us, a child will be greatly motivated by being complimented with words such as ‘great work” when he or she shows signs of making progress. The child will also be greatly motivated when the teacher offers to play the guitar for her or when the teacher can organize a guitar-playing session with other students.


Background checks
Regardless of the competence level of the teacher you intend to hire, your child’s safety should be paramount. Since teacher and student will be spending plenty of time together, you must make sure that you are not endangering your child’s life by putting her in direct contact with a pedophile. If there are online reviews available about the services offered by the teacher, make sure you read them as they’ll help you get an idea of what to expect from the teacher.

What discourages people from taking guitar lessons

We all know that we need to go to medical school if we plan to become a doctor. We also know that the great tennis and basketball players we know enjoy the services of top-notch managers without whom their great talents would probably have never been fully exploited.


When it comes to learning the guitar however, there seems to be a discussion on whether someone really needs to take lessons. After all, we hear, there are plenty of self-taught pros who, allegedly, never needed the help of teachers. Is this really true? What makes people take guitar lessons for granted?


The self-taught myth
Stories of self-taught guitarists and self-made millionaires are quite a sensation with the media and as a beginner guitarist it is easy to want to join this group. Granted, there are people with natural talent and who can achieve much without too much help. The truth however, is that nobody is really self-taught. The person in question might never have attended guitar school but he or she was influenced by people who played the guitar. Even if such person never came into direct contact with a maestro, watching what the great predecessors did is equivalent to taking lessons.


While a person with natural talent will achieve much, he or she will achieve much more and in a shorter time by taking lessons and benefiting from the experience of people who have already traveled this road.


Fear of getting embarrassed
Some people desire to learn how to play the guitar but, having not the slightest idea how to go about this, are scared by the very thought of displaying their ignorance to a stranger. While this fear can be understood, it is really unfounded – in all areas of human endeavor, we have to start somewhere and if you got a good teacher, he or she will understand your fears and will patiently take you through the ropes without making you look silly.


Good guitar teachers are hard to find and they also charge a substantial amount of money and the cost of guitar lessons can become discouraging. Today however, the cost of learning is increasingly falling as it is possible to take online lessons with a dedicated teacher. Moreover, the internet has increased the level of resources available so that what you pay today is much less than it would have been two decades ago.


To wade through the complex world of guitar playing, professional help is necessary and you should never be ashamed of seeking the help of a seasoned teacher.

What to Look for in a guitar teacher for your child

Your child has shown interest in playing the guitar and as a loving parent you know that you need to hire a teacher. When the child’s interest and talent are nurtured early, his or her potential will be fully exploited and it helps to provide teaching as early as possible. In choosing a teacher for your child, what qualities should you look for?


Assess the teaching skills, not just the technical ability
Some of the teachers you’ll find when looking for somebody to teach your child will be highly technical people who are very adept at guitar playing. While great technical ability is important, it does not mean that the person with great technical skills is necessarily a good teacher. To help you go round this potential problem, find out who the teacher has taught in the past – successful teachers will be proud to show tell you whom they have taught in the past.


Is the teacher able to motivate your child?
The child who wants to learn how to play the guitar will be very excited at the beginning but this interest could turn to disillusion if the child lands in the hands of teacher who does not know how to keep the child motivated. Unless the teacher can create the correct mental attitude, the difficulties the child experiences when he or she starts learning could turn into frustration and the kid will lose interest.


Live theater productions that every theater newcomer must watch.

If you’re one of those who are not yet exposed to the most vibrant world of live theater productions, but you’re getting quite interested on checking out a live play, you might want to have a quick moment to check out these amazing theatrical production. Here is a list of plays that will give you a head start, if you don’t quite know where to begin.
In all honesty, there are so many stage worthy plays that are very well written and produced. Some of them have continually captivated the audiences for many years whether on the big stage or small stages. Some have been written by famous literary figures across all generations.
So here is a quick list of live theatrical productions that will surely entice newbies in the theater world.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Of course any list wouldn’t be possible without including at least on of Shakespeare’s famous plays, which are known to be very deep, profound and more intense. However, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream is easier for a newcomer to grasp, especially those who are inclined to the world of fantasy. One can expect a fun story line that is conveyed by fantasy themed fairies, and mixed up lovers. So, even if the language might be a bit challenging for beginners, a midsummer night’s dream is still a play of wonder and beauty.

Oscar Wilde’s “The Importance of being earnest”

Oscar Wilde’s entertaining play has been fascinating many audiences for more than a century now. Wilde’s play is a brilliant satire that pokes fun at the upper-class society of Victorian England.

Sophocles’ great tragedy, “Antigone”

It seems quite ironic, but this tragic play would seem to make your life cheerful. This is truly a must see before you die. The Antigone tells us how our choices would affect our consequences. One striking difference in this play among Sophocles’ great plays, is it is the only play where the main part is played by a powerful, defiant woman.

“A Doll’s House”

“A Doll’s House” continues to fascinate viewers even if it’s over a century year old. The story line is fast-paced and the theme plays an enigmatic notion.

The Miracle Worker

This biographic play by William Gibson inspires the audiences with raw, heartfelt and deep emotions. It shows a struggle of one girl, staying silent in the darkness and one teacher who would teach her the language of love and acceptance. Because this play has moved the hearts of many audiences, it is now being performed at the birthplace of Helen Keller every summer.

Play Like A Pro

Play your guitar and sound like a Pro!

As a beginner, it’s really hard to work on your strumming skills when you haven’t got the luxury of time in practicing your finger picking skills. Strumming requires more than just getting a pick and then stroking up and down.
Before anything else, I’d like to give a shout out to my wonderful music buddy, Al who gave some really nice guitar strings to spice up my old guitar’s look. This guy’s got a cool talent and also an awesome coach. He got worried about me especially when I told him about my plans in doing my own Youtube cover or performing live on stage after hearing my awful playing. It sounded monotonous and boring because I got stuck up with the same old notes and patterns. Good thing Al gave me a wakeup call and told me that I should really work out a lot on my strumming. What he used to teach made me a sleek performer today. Here are some of his tricks on how to sound and play like a pro.
Don’t Move your arm!

It would sound unlikely, but what most inexperienced guitar players don’t know is that, the sound of their strumming would be unpleasant if they move their forearms extremely. This isn’t practical and you’re most likely to get tension on you forearm when doing this. Instead of doing this, do not move your right arm, relax and let your hand do all the work.
Relax and stretch your patience.

The best way to play a guitar is to start relaxing. A lot of people may tell you this but this trick surely works. Start relaxing by resting your arms still, and shaking your hands freely so that they could strum it in the right position. Of course, a few strums won’t take you closer to perfection. As with everything in life, practice makes perfect. Hence, you will need to stretch out your patience more especially the moment you start to feel frustrated. Everyone started out the same way as you do, so be patient and have a little more faith in yourself.

Don’t hit all the strings
Hitting all strings at once makes your guitar playing sound terrible. Just remember that Playing guitar is just like playing drums where you never have to hit all the drums simultaneously.

Mute some strings
Wanna learn how to get that cool, groovy rhythm? Then start learning the basics on how to mute some strings while strumming. A quick way of doing this is by resting your palm on the strings after you strum it just to stop the strings from vibrating.

It’s Cliché, but Practice still makes your strumming perfect.
Yeah this tip may sound too boring but, this is still the best way to hone your skills in strumming and finger picking. A lot of people get discouraged especially when they can’t seem to see the expected results immediately. It won’t hurt if you keep trying and keep yourself motivated. Practicing consistently even for a short time every single day trains your finger memory. Sure, your fingers may hurt and feel sore first before they start growing calluses but it would be all worth it in the end.

Explore more music to determine your style.
The most effective way to learn how to strum properly is by listening to music or watching a live musician. As you do this, you have a grasp of their techniques. This will also help you in determining which styles you would prefer and learn to master.

These are just some of the basic things that you need to know when strumming a guitar. It would take a certain amount of time to learn how to apply them into practice. As always, you can start by learning three simple strumming patterns, repeat them over and over and before you know it, you are already making your progress towards becoming a professional guitarist.

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Entertainment – Master pointers to be a celeb guitar player

Being a guitar player, you require some gruelling practice than anybody else on this earth. There are specific practices without which being an excellent guitar player is possible just in dreams.

Experiment; Jamming is a great concept
The exact same mindset is preferred from a guitar player. Jamming provides not just terrific discussions or imagination however provides an excellent scope for enhancing your hands on with the guitars.

Speak Musical language:
Comprehending the musical language is constantly advised for any instrumentalist, not simply the guitar players. Once again, it’s a reality that guitar players being mainly the part of rock bands have to compose their tunes mainly.

Refer the folks; conventional plays for much better method
It’s great to stick to a style or ideology as soon as you have actually ended up being a star. Keep in mind, guitar is an entire ocean of art. It is recommended to observe the strategies of the guitar player with the folk or standard tunes of numerous countries.

Observation, self-evaluation:
Dealing with observation identifies people from the animals. Being a guitar player, rubbing the guitar strings difficult is typically not everything. There are millions like you dream every day to be a rock star, however just handle to alter their profile photo with a guitar in hand, as they cannot reassess themselves.

Enjoy the videos of terrific guitar player, being certain of your function (whether a base guitar player or lead guitar player). Most notably, mark the bonus they bring while carrying out at a particular circumstances. This provides you the concepts about the method you must be making while being up for an efficiency.

Discover the errors:
It is recommended to take part in more and more programs or the competitors to tweak the method, without simply revealing off in college passages to impress others. Prepare the videos of your efficiency, and present those to your guide to getting about the errors or the parts where enhancement is required.