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Play Like A Pro

Play your guitar and sound like a Pro!

As a beginner, it’s really hard to work on your strumming skills when you haven’t got the luxury of time in practicing your finger picking skills. Strumming requires more than just getting a pick and then stroking up and down.
Before anything else, I’d like to give a shout out to my wonderful music buddy, Al who gave some really nice guitar strings to spice up my old guitar’s look. This guy’s got a cool talent and also an awesome coach. He got worried about me especially when I told him about my plans in doing my own Youtube cover or performing live on stage after hearing my awful playing. It sounded monotonous and boring because I got stuck up with the same old notes and patterns. Good thing Al gave me a wakeup call and told me that I should really work out a lot on my strumming. What he used to teach made me a sleek performer today. Here are some of his tricks on how to sound and play like a pro.
Don’t Move your arm!

It would sound unlikely, but what most inexperienced guitar players don’t know is that, the sound of their strumming would be unpleasant if they move their forearms extremely. This isn’t practical and you’re most likely to get tension on you forearm when doing this. Instead of doing this, do not move your right arm, relax and let your hand do all the work.
Relax and stretch your patience.

The best way to play a guitar is to start relaxing. A lot of people may tell you this but this trick surely works. Start relaxing by resting your arms still, and shaking your hands freely so that they could strum it in the right position. Of course, a few strums won’t take you closer to perfection. As with everything in life, practice makes perfect. Hence, you will need to stretch out your patience more especially the moment you start to feel frustrated. Everyone started out the same way as you do, so be patient and have a little more faith in yourself.

Don’t hit all the strings
Hitting all strings at once makes your guitar playing sound terrible. Just remember that Playing guitar is just like playing drums where you never have to hit all the drums simultaneously.

Mute some strings
Wanna learn how to get that cool, groovy rhythm? Then start learning the basics on how to mute some strings while strumming. A quick way of doing this is by resting your palm on the strings after you strum it just to stop the strings from vibrating.

It’s Cliché, but Practice still makes your strumming perfect.
Yeah this tip may sound too boring but, this is still the best way to hone your skills in strumming and finger picking. A lot of people get discouraged especially when they can’t seem to see the expected results immediately. It won’t hurt if you keep trying and keep yourself motivated. Practicing consistently even for a short time every single day trains your finger memory. Sure, your fingers may hurt and feel sore first before they start growing calluses but it would be all worth it in the end.

Explore more music to determine your style.
The most effective way to learn how to strum properly is by listening to music or watching a live musician. As you do this, you have a grasp of their techniques. This will also help you in determining which styles you would prefer and learn to master.

These are just some of the basic things that you need to know when strumming a guitar. It would take a certain amount of time to learn how to apply them into practice. As always, you can start by learning three simple strumming patterns, repeat them over and over and before you know it, you are already making your progress towards becoming a professional guitarist.

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